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Transforming The Future of Food

With cutting-edge technology and advanced farming mechanisms, we are changing the landscape of Indian farming.

Why Nutrifresh?

At Nutrifresh, every harvest is ensured to be pesticide free and residue-free. This is achieved by sourcing Non–GMO and high-quality seeds from all over the world to fetch superior freshness, flavor, taste, and texture to vegetables and fruits.  

Water, which forms an integral & significant part of the growth process, is extremely hygienic and RO purified. At Nutrifresh, we ensure that water and the nutrients through water are the only things that the plant receives besides the care and nurturing from our team.



Started with 4 Acres of rented land

Surpassed the average sugarcane production of 60-70 tonnes by achieving over 100 tonnes in the first year.




Exploring Floriculture & Polyhouses

Setup poly houses to grow Orchids, Gerbera and Roses. Currently, the largest supplier of Orchid in the state.

Our Journey

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Meet The Founders

Two friends that left a high-paying
white-collared job for a "Green-Collared" Venture

What started as a casual conversation between two friends is now a venture on its way to transforming the face of Indian agriculture. The core of the conversation being; "Our stomachs are not trash cans and hence, we have the right to know how the food we consume was grown or where it comes from".

Our team has combined various aspects of human requirements to deliver the essence of leafy greens till the last mile. Our products are grown in Climate Controlled Environment to circumvent Air pollution and evade uncertainties of climate.

We Work With the Best Clients and Partners

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Investors View

Karan Goshar, Advisory Board

“Nutrifresh is a mark of sustainability and affordability in the Indian agriculture landscape."

Better for People, Better for the Planet

We not only find the most sustainable ways of farming to reduce waste and make the most of available resources. But also enable the communities that live around the farm to upscale their livelihoods.

Innovation - Driven Farming

Indian farming was long overdue for a more reliable and sustainable way to grow. We strive to keep bringing new farming technologies that will help shape the future of Indian agriculture

Data-Powered Agriculture

With years of experience, we have seen extensive data patterns to identify, analyse,  and optimize the optimum conditions required for each kind of vegetable. We leverage this data to precisely control the farm's environment and temperature for maximum growth and nutrition.

Giving Back to the Community

We don't just grow vegetables, we help the communities grow too. We have always focused on hiring farm staff from within the surrounding villages to ensure the communities we live in grow along with us.

Our Agencies


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